Thursday, May 19, 2011

Eelish Hopes of Ballet and a First Kiss

The above is Eelene's show-stopping final number from her re-imagining of Le Corsaire. (She is the Moray Eel exiting stage left.) 

Below is a diary entry, written by a most hopeful saltwater teenager, just hours before this performance.   

Dear Diary, 

I've done it. I've revolutionized and waterproofed modern ballet! 

The premiere of my reinterpreted ballet, Le Corsaire, is tonight and it's going to be just aces! 

I just finished fashioning my tutu out of seaweed; it is actually quite fetching! The green perfectly matches my skin!  I'm nearly ready to take center stage. My, I'm so jittery...

Oh, it's all coming together, diary. All those nights practicing my twirls and deep emotionless stares are going to pay off! 

Can you picture it, diary?  The aquarium will never have seen such a show. All the other fish promised to swim their bests and hit their marks, even Freddy Feederfish  My choreography is, if I say so myself, brilliant.  Who said you had to have feet to pirouette?  Who needs toes to couru?  Not I!  Swim-two-three-four-splash-six-swim-sink-swim.  

All right, I'm off to do my makeup.  I'll be the prettiest Moray Eel the world has ever seen!  Maybe after the ballet, after everyone has seen how beautiful and graceful and pretty I am, I'll finally get my first kiss. Maybe Freddy will finally notice me! 

Wish me luck, diary! 



  1. Ha ha... Very nice and I enjoyed the video.

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