Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Seabird's New Year's Resolution

Above is Vincenzo delBirdio, the prominent Laguna Beach real estate mogul well known in the inner circle circle for his cutthroat business deals and take-no-prisoner's approach to beach front land development. 

Below is Mr. delBirdio's New Year's Resolution. 

Dear 2017,

I look out from my patio (which is, by itself, 500 square feet) and I see an endless ocean.  I walk through my condominium (one of seven properties to my delBirdio name) to my other patio (which is a mere 300 square feet). From it, I see my empire. I see the many houses I've built and sold. I think of all of my profits. Millions of dollars for hundreds of thousands of square feet.

Then I turn and look inside my own "home."  I see emptiness. I see marble floors. Shiny. I see my very impressive collection of mirrors, mirrors I am afraid to look into and ask "Whose a pretty bird?."  I see my Subzero fridge stocked with worms and caviar. Full, but empty. 

Most of all, I see no one else. Even my assistant has the holiday week off to spend with her family.  I have nothing but space.  I have nothing but emptiness.  Many square feet of personal defeat.

But this shall be no more! In the coming year, I shall work less. It won't always be about the sale. It will be about filling my life with more than closings and yet another four figure dangly bell.

I hope to be able to look in a mirror and see perhaps a wife standing beside me. Maybe one of my many empty rooms can be a nursery?

2017, I entweet you to be a better year. For if such is true, I will be a better bird. I will be a pretty bird with a pretty life, who won't be afraid to look into my many mirrors anymore. 

-V. delBirdio