Saturday, January 1, 2011

Heartbroken Hamster Haiku

The above is what Rascal would have created -- had he been born a painter and not a poet.

Below are seven haikus penned by Rascal, a garden variety hamster.  They are written about Charlotte, a particularly striking blonde angora hamster with whom Rascal spent the first few weeks of his life at the PetSmart in Culver City, CA.     

The poetry was written over the course of his two and a half year lifespan.  

I eat over here.
I run yonder, in the wheel.
I poop over there.

I sleep next to her,
Safe in a nest with her, and them.
Life is good, for now.

* * *

Where’d it all go, my...
My warmth, my nest, my love, her?
I miss the pet shop.

Now daytime is for :
Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
And to dream of her.

Wonder where she sleeps,
Still safe in a nest with them?
Does she remember?

* * *

It’s been two years now
I’m on my last leg, I think
But I’m not afraid.

I’ll see you soon, love
If hamsters go to heaven.
A nest in the sky.


  1. Beware the Robo-Hamster threat! The world is ours!

  2. This is a sad poetry theme. But i could not understand the image above though lines are written below are so touchy.